The Value of Mouthguards

shutterstock_131180210Are your kids playing sports? Whether it’s football, basketball, or water polo, mouth guards are necessary and extremely important to prevent injury to teeth from either teeth grinding or sporting injuries.  Every season I see patients in my office who have suffered trauma from a sporting event accident.  The most common athletic dental injuries that I see in my office are a result of a basketball or soccer injury.

In order to protect your teeth during athletic activities, a mouth guard is crucial.  A properly fitted mouth guard will help cushion an impact to the mouth.  Mouth guards can also help protect you from chipped or broken teeth, jaw injuries or cuts to the lip and tongue.  We can fabricate a mouth guard for you or your child in our office.  Many of our patients prefer custom mouth guards to the over-the-counter mouth guards that you boil at home as they fit significantly better.  We find that patients are more likely to wear our mouth guards as they are less likely to restrict breathing and speech, more comfortable, less likely to fall out, more resistant to tears, durable and easy to clean.

So, whatever sport you play, be safe and stop by our office to get fitted for a high quality mouth guard!

Dr. Terry Hunt
River Dental Arts
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