5 Candy Alternatives That Will Keep Trick-or-Treaters Smiling

The fall season brings an amazing amount of fun activities for you and your family. tooth-fairy-octoberFrom the excitement of Halloween, to school fall festivals, kids and parents alike look forward to the cool weather and family memories. Unfortunately, Halloween and fall festivals can also do a number on your child’s teeth. Hard candies, sweet treats and sugary snacks can be cavities waiting to happen. Handing out Halloween candy doesn’t mean you have to hand out oral health disasters. There are a number of healthy alternatives to the candy bars and licorice- some that trick-or-treaters might even enjoy more than the sugar rush. The days of handing out apple slices and pennies to avoid contributing to tooth destruction are gone! Take a look at some of these creative trick-or-treat alternatives that will leave all the little ghosts and ghouls smiling throughout the year.

Applesauce Pouches

Applesauce is still a sweet treat, and not nearly as hard on the teeth. Not only that, they’re portable, affordable and a great way to avoid the mess of some other treats. You can get a pack of 48 pouches for about 35 dollars on Amazon, which is enough to give all the trick-or-treaters something healthy to smile about.

Mini LaraBars

Larabars are gluten free, vegan, kosher and only have about 8-11 grams of sugar per bar. They also come in mini form, making them perfect to hand out on Halloween. The great thing about these treats is that the kids won’t even know they’re healthy! LaraBars have flavors such as cherry pie, apple pie and cashew cookie and are just as delicious as the other mini candy bars that will be weighing down their bag. If you can’t find LaraBars, or they’re a little too pricey for you, granola bars of any kind will be a better choice than chocolate.

Vegan Rice Crispy Treats

Rice crispy treats are a delicious sweet treat for trick-or-treaters, but you don’t have to use all the sugary marshmallow to make them amazing. There are a number of recipes you can follow which swap out a few classic ingredients for something a little healthier in order to create the perfect Halloween snack. By using brown rice syrup instead of marshmallow, brown rice crisps instead of white rice and coconut oil instead of butter- you can make delicious, healthy treats that many claim are better than the original. Check out one the recipes here.

Sugar Free Gum

While sugar free gum may not be the most exciting item in your child’s bag, it’s still a quality alternative to all the junk they’ll be getting. You can get tasty sugar free gum such as Dubble Bubble and throw a few pieces in along with other healthy treats. Parents will appreciate the lack of sugar, and the kids (especially those kids who love their chewing gum) will be happy with a full bag of “candy.”


If you want to skip the food items altogether, many parents have opted to hand out toys instead. There are a number of items you can get in bulk for cheap such as pencils, erasers, stickers, mini water guns, temporary tattoos, mini play dough, sidewalk chalk, bouncing balls, bubbles and more. The possibilities are endless and none of these things will land your child in the dentist’s chair. If you’re thinking of skipping the candy and handing out toys, head to your local dollar store to find amazing deals on bulk items.

There’s also the option of handing out pre-made veggie and fruit snacks, however this may only be a good idea if you’re close with the surrounding neighbors. Parents are often a little leery of pre-prepared snacks and the time and money you spent might simply end up in the trash. These days there really are dozens of candy alternatives that don’t skimp on the flavor. Do your own research to find what works best for you and your family, have fun with it, and get everyone involved. Keep in mind that most trick-or-treaters will be over-flowing with the sugary stuff- so its good practice as a parent and oral health advocate to provide something that will keep their smiles healthy throughout the year.

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Learn How Dental Sealants Protect Teeth


A weak tooth without sealants is prone to cavities and decay like this.

Do you know what a dental sealant is?
A dental sealant is a liquid plastic material that hardens to form a shield over the chewing surfaces of the teeth.  It is applied to decay-prone surfaces of the teeth, usually the back molars and pre-molars.

Why get sealants?
Sealants keep out the germs and food that cause tooth decay.  Food and germs can get stuck in rough, uneven surface areas where toothbrush bristles cannot reach.  Germs in the mouth change the sugar in food to acid that can start a cavity in the tooth.  Sealants prevent decay from ever starting.

Who should get sealants?
I recommend that children get sealants on their permanent molars and pre-molars as soon as the teeth come in, before decay has a chance to attack the teeth.  Sealants also protect worn and sensitive surfaces on adult teeth.

How are sealants put on?
The tooth is cleaned, dried, and prepared for bonding with the sealant.  When applied, the liquid sealant hardens in just a few seconds and is invisible to the naked eye.

As you can see, dental sealants are an enormously helpful preventative measure when it comes to protecting vulnerable teeth from cavities. It simply makes sense! If you or a loved one might be a candidate for dental sealants, get in touch with us so Dr. Hunt can take care of you! We hope this has helped give you a better understanding of the benefits of dental sealants. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or give us a call.

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